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What is an Estate or "Tag" Sale?

Whenever a fair amount of useful and quality goods need to be sold from a home, companies like ours offer an effective, stress free and relatively fast way to turn the items to cash - through a well advertised estate sale.

An estate sale is the large scale liquidation of personal property from an estate, where customers are invited inside the home to shop.

A professionally prepared estate sale will look like a well organized and staged interior, with items priced tagged, a seller agent (like us) ready to help with purchases and a cashier ready to accept payments!

As a garage sale usually represents select items unwanted by a person, the estate sales conducted by Nunneley Estates and Appraisals always represent a complete household worth of secondhand goods at fair prices. You never know what you'll find! The estate sale contents can consist of any personal effects from a person's life – general household items, furniture, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, art, fine china, pottery, linen, art glass, crystal, silver, bronzes, clocks, instruments, decor, electronics, old photos, vehicles, tools, farm equipment, and more.

Inside an Estate Sale

In some areas of the country, estate sales are referred to as "tag sales", reflecting the fact that most estate sale companies, like Nunneley Estates & Appraisals, assign individual price tags to the majority of the merchandise. Our prices are highest on the first day of the estate sale, and are discounted as the sale continues.

After the last sale day, the goal is usually to empty the home. When you choose Nunneley Estates & Appraisals, we do everything we can to achieve that goal in a reasonable amount of time. The remaining items can be left with you or donated to charity, low cost trash hauling can be arranged, and we can leave the home swept clean before handing over the keys for your next step!


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Exploring the possibility of hiring a company to help you with your sale? Don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation! Part in a series of Frequently Asked Questions (Estate Sales)


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