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California Estate Sale Company

About Us

Nunneley Estates & Appraisals was started in 2014 by Micah and Ashley Nunneley. Our team includes trained staff who assist with estate sale staging, crowd control and customer service, as well as subcontracted appraisers who may assist with valuation. 

Ashley Nunneley, Estate Liquidator and Personal Property Appraiser


Ashley has spent most her life involved in antiques and estate sales, working at her grandmother’s antique shop and traveling to auctions and flea markets throughout Northern California. She is a "generalist appraiser", having a wide range of knowledge in the broad categories of antiques, furnishings, fine art, decorative art, books, silver, and many other specialty categories. In 2009, Ashley realized her expertise could help with quality estate sale and appraisal services and she’s been providing both ever since.


In 2012, Ashley received formal education in appraisal ethics, theory, and law through the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) and began writing more complex appraisal reports. She has since attained the highest credential conferred by the ISA, and now spends more than half of her time writing appraisal reports, conducting appraisal review and serving as an expert witness. Her clients include banks, government agencies, insurance companies, attorneys, high net worth estates and individuals. She mentors new appraisers, participates in continuing education and adds to her reference library each year.

Ashley Nunneley, Appraiser

Credentials & Memberships

Certified Appraiser of Personal Property, International Society of Appraisers (2012-Present)

Associate Member, Am
erican Society of Estate Liquidators (2017-Present)

Member, Antiques and Collectibles National Association (2017-Present)

Estate Sale & Appraisal Experience

  • Co-owner & Appraiser, Nunneley Estates & Appraisals, 2012-present

Offering estate liquidation, sales advisory and various appraisal services including verbal opinions of value, appraisal review and appraisal reports written according to current USPAP and ISA standards. Appraisals written for insurance, damage claims, divorce, equitable distribution, IRS charitable donation, etc.

  • Antiques and Collectibles Retailer, Amorini Antiques, Sacramento, Ca, and online, 2010-2020

Buying and selling at the retail and liquidation level with inventory focused on fine art, sculpture, designer furniture, French and English furnishings, mid century modern, general antiques, American pottery, English porcelain, art glass, antiquarian books, collectibles, jewelry, silver, and more.

  • Co-owner, B&C Estate Sales, 2009-2013

Researching, price tagging, marketing and liquidating full households and collections of personal property, boats and vehicles, twice per month throughout Northern California.

  • Retail Shop Assistant, 2004-2008

Sales assistant at various antique shops in Sonoma and Sacramento Counties, Ca.

Recent Appraisal Education
  • International Society of Appraisers (ISA) ISA CAPP Credential Completion (June, 2021)

The CAPP is highest professional designation conferred by the ISA. An appraiser attains a CAPP by completing an extensive program emphasizing legal, ethical and theoretical aspects of appraising; submits a peer reviewed broad evidence appraisal report, documents over 900 hours of appraisal related experience, professional development activities and a comprehensive examination.

  • International Society of Appraisers, Core Course in Appraisal Studies

The complete appraisal methodology course for all personal property appraising, including appraisal objectives, intended uses, market identification and analysis, research methods and skills, ethics and professional conduct. Report submittal and examination (Naperville Illinois University, June 18-24, 2012. Requalification Course completed February 20-22, 2018)

  • International Society of Appraisers, Antiques, Furnishings + Decorative Arts Course

Providing information necessary to properly identify and value items falling into the broad category of antiques and residential contents. Focus on furniture, ceramics, glass, silver, Chinese and Japanese objects, toys and dolls, textiles, clocks, books, prints, vintage fashions. Analysis of construction and manufacturing; discerning quality differences, design characteristics, periods and styles; research resources for the appraiser (peer reviewed report submittal and examination, Oct. 2017-Jan. 2018)


  • Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) for appraisal of personal property

Initial 15-hour course and examination, October 22-23, 2012, 7-hour updates 2014-2015, 2016-2017. Updates every two years, most recently January 7th, 2024 to comply with the current USPAP standards.

  • Sotheby's Institute of Art, Determining Value - An Appraiser's Perspective, presented by Emily Thompson, AAA, six week intensive fine art valuation course focusing on the essential value factors that can affect pricing in the art market and how to analyze them; proficiency in identifying basic media and appropriate research tools; how prices are set at both the primary and secondary market levels; and how condition and conservation can impact value, Credentialed June 23rd, 2020

  • International Society of Appraisers, The Broad Evidence Report, presented by Leon Castner, ISA CAPP, viewed April 23rd, 2020

  • ISA, The Appraisal Report Market Analysis and Credible Data Usage Defining and developing an overall market analysis for fine art and other personal property through data collection; appraising outliers and market anomalies for an individual object; compiling data; researching art market trends, presented by Todd Sigety, ISA CAPP, Live Webinar participant, September 6th, 2022​

  • AAA, Artists’ Estates – Inventory, Appraisal and Legacy from 2021 Art Law Day topics covered included inventory management, classification and cataloging the art and archives, authentication procedures, blockage discount calculations and more, viewed November, 2022.

  • ISA 2022 Virtual Conference participant, March 26th-March 27th, 2022. Networking and seven hours of continuing education on topics including the state of the art market; trending legal updates; valuations for judicial proceeding and more.

  • ISA 2021 Virtual Conference participant, March 19th-March 20th, 2021. Networking with other appraisers and over 15 hours of continuing education on a wide variety of topics related to personal property appraisal methodology, current market trends, antiques, fine art.

  • NAC 2020 Live Web Conference: Appraising in the New Normal; Today and Tomorrow, full day presented by multiple appraisers, topics including identifying frames and framing techniques; competently appraising items online; appraising consumer electronics from afar; conducting an appraisal review; identifying and valuing animation art; ensuring a safe work environment.

  • Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) Summit on the Role of the Expert in ADR-Mediation and Arbitration, Live Webinar, May 27th, 2020

  • (FEWA) The Virtual Delivery of Expert Testimony in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond, April 15th, 2020

  • Appraising Archives and Collections; Big and Small, presented by Brian Kathenes, ISA CAPP, live webinar February 20th, 2020

  • Appraisers Association of America, Matrimonial Valuations, live webinar presented by Edward A. Lewand, GG, ASA, January 29th, 2019

  • International Society of Appraisers, Appraising Outliers at the High-End of the Art Market: Four Rare Portraits by Gilbert Stuart, presented by Cindy Charleston-Rosenberg, ISA CAPP, viewed April 14th, 2020

  • ISA, Mastering the Art of Object Descriptions, presented by Cathy Peters, ISA CAPP, requirements for IRS charitable contribution appraisals for art with fair market value over $20,000, April 23rd, 2020

  • Appraisers Association of America, Damage and Loss: Who and What you Need to Know, presented by multiple speakers on the role of the insurance adjuster; the unique methodology of damage and loss appraisals; assessing condition and determining loss of value; the legal obligations of the insured, viewed April 28th, 2019.

Micah Nunneley, Estate Liquidator and Assistant Appraiser

Micah’s first exposure to the antiques and collectibles business was as a teenager, where he was taken under the wing of his neighbor, Charlie, an antique collector and Sports Memorabilia shop owner. Micah’s first full time job was managing the Sports Memorabilia shop, and he would often travel to collector’s shows with Charlie. Here, Micah learned how to distinguish detail, discern value, and rate the condition of these (then) highly collectible items. 


He went a different direction in college, graduating with a BA in Information Systems from Anderson University, Indiana. After college, he moved into the catering and service industry, where he discovered a love of wine. He spent five years working as lead waiter and wine steward at an upscale restaurant where he traveled to wine shows throughout California, worked with wine vendors, and expanded his knowledge of fine wine. Micah brings his knowledge of the retail and secondhand wine market to the Appraisal & Valuation side of Nunneley Estates & Appraisals. He also specializes in handling the garage and tools section of the estate sale, and appraises collectible knives and blades. 

Micah is active in many areas of primary research - visiting antique and fine art auctions, museums, art galleries, secondhand stores and estate sales throughout California and performing full household estate liquidation. 

He enjoys spending time with family, his faith, sharing wine, fantasy football, California art, traveling to Italy and learning the language. Micah’s desire to serve others made him the perfect fit to join wife Ashley Nunneley in the antique and estate sale business in 2014. He completed the American Society of Estate Liquidators "Estate Liquidation" course in 2017.

Estate Sale Professional

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with an ethical, professional, and confidential level of service based on their individual needs. As co-owners of Nunneley Estates & Appraisals, we pledge to uphold the code of ethics of both associations we take part in - the ISA and ASEL

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