How many days will my estate sale be held for?

We schedule every estate sale to be held over a weekend - generally 3 days, Friday through Sunday. Importantly, we will never compromise the success of your estate sale by overbooking our calendar, or by holding a one day sale on a week day as some companies do. In some cases, we may even hold a four day estate sale!

The dates chosen to run your estate sale are based on:

1. Any time constraints you may have for emptying the home.

2. The amount of time it will take our company to properly sort, clean, stage, advertise, research, and price your items.

3. The volume of items in your estate sale (read our post on liquidating a packed house)

3. Our availability.

At Nunneley Estates & Appraisals, we will not double book estate sales to be held on the same weekend -- quality control and due diligence are much more important to us than cramming as many sales as possible into one month. You will know the tentative dates of your estate sale before signing our Sales Agreement, so that all parties are on the same page.

Estate Sale Time