The story of how Micah and Ashley met

The story of how Micah and Ashley met revolves around a dollhouse that Ashley happened to purchase in a collection. Ashley sells antiques and hard-to-find or collectible items online for consignors from time to time, and one day decided to list a large hand made dollhouse filled with furniture, décor and other miniatures that would surely take a specialty buyer to appreciate. She spent a full day taking inventory the dollhouse, detailing each item for a potential buyer.

Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

Within a few weeks, the dollhouse was bought and paid for! Ashley put the dollhouse in the trunk of her Outback, and drove it to the place she normally uses to mail large and oddly shaped items. In this case, The Mail Shop said they didn’t have a box large enough, and that a custom crate would have to be made. She looked up the buyer’s address, and noticed that they lived in Bakersfield, California, about 4 ½ hours away. Instead of charging for a custom crate, Ashley decided to offer to drive the dollhouse to the buyer, Heather’s, home. Ashley had never hand delivered an online purchase, but something about a road trip while listening to her favorite podcasts felt like just what she needed at the time - and Heather said "of course!".

A few days later, Ashley left home in Sacramen