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Can you help with a packed collector's house or a "hoarder's" home?

In a simple answer – yes!

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed, daunted, or even embarrassed by a true hoarder estate situation, but we are here to be part of your stress free solution.

We have handled the estate sales of different types of collectors during our time as estate liquidators. We've liquidated the homes of shoppers who left purchases in their original bags or boxes throughout home, estates where bedroom doors were blockaded with ‘stuff’ and would hardly open, where seemingly nothing was ever thrown away, where the vehicle was literally buried in the garage, where there were narrow pathways to navigate the home.

Full house liquidation

The Nunneley team has organized estate sales for the collector of large quantities of similar items - collections of books, collections of Lladro figurines, Belleek, Hummels, Dolls, collections of woodworking tools and entire craft rooms. We've liquidated the estates of lifelong Collectors and Antique Dealers who had sheds and outbuildings full of stuff...the list goes on.

These sales are viable for us when there are enough items of value to justify the time and expense involved.

We love “packed” estate sales – and so do our customers! Beyond the basic Estate Sale Process, truly packed homes require additional time, effort, safety and care to set up than the average estate sale.

Preparation for Estate Sale

Our crew can spend 2-5 weeks sorting and organizing the “good” and saleable items from the “trash”, cleaning, staging, and pricing. All advertising costs are paid by us, all set up and pricing supplies, and trained staff are provided by us at no cost to you.

Fees to Conduct Estate Sale Before we begin these types of projects, we require a flat fee, to be discussed during consultation. Preparation may require the following (to be paid by the client, at actual cost): 1. Large dumpster(s)/Bagsters/Hauling services 2. Protective gear (masks, gloves, etc) 3. Hazardous waste removal 4. Professional critter control 5. Deeper cleaning, carpet cleaning/removal

Holding the Sale When you hire us to conduct your estate sale, and we finally open the home to the public, shoppers will be able to navigate freely, see clearly what is for sale, and shop comfortably! Our past clients have been shocked by the positive transformation that takes place when we stage the contents of a truly packed home for a public estate sale, and finally leave the home empty!


Bottom line: We offer customized service based on your needs. Don't hesitate to call or email for more information, or to schedule a free consultation.

Part in a series on Frequently Asked Questions (Estate Liquidation).


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