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5 Factors That Contribute to the Success of Nunneley Estate Sales

As detailed in our article What Are the Four D’s of the Estate Sale Industry? , there are a few different reasons why one may elect to have an estate sale. Regardless of the reason, the majority of those who call us for help are in a challenging situation, and have a large number of items that need to be sorted and sold. Our job is to relieve some of this stress with an effective estate sale.

Sacramento Estate Sale Sign

What are some of steps we take to make our sales successful? 1. Marketing. We snap quality photographs of the sale, create an organized and detailed list, then share your sale with thousands of people. We use major estate sale websites and estate sale “finders”, post classified ads, send an email to our private shopper list, distribute flyers, and post signage leading to the sale.

2. Quality Display. At Nunneley Estates and Appraisals, we take pride in staging an inviting interior to welcome shoppers, with your items displayed with care and respect. The merchandise is cleaned, organized, and there are clear “paths” throughout the home, free of debris or other items that may detract from the sale.

3. Pricing Expertise. There are many factors that can affect estate sale pricing, and our experience in the secondhand market gives us the expertise to set appropriate prices that won’t discourage buyers, but maximize your sale total.

4. Friendly & Available Staff. We provide staff throughout the home to answer customer’s questions, deter theft, help with careful wrapping of purchases, and field offers. Is there a heavy bedroom set that a shopper wants to purchase, but can’t return until Sunday to remove from the home? We’re there to help in a timely manner.

Part of the Nunneley Crew

5. We listen. A successful sale isn’t only about the financial proceeds – we listen to our clients needs and come up with best plan for each situation. Is the goal to leave the home broom clean and empty for the next stage? We deliver. Payment for the sale proceeds are mailed within just 10 days following the sale.


Exploring the possibility of hiring a company in the Sacramento area to help you with your sale? Call or email us to see how we can help your sale be a success!


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