6 Tips to Prepare for Your Personal Property Appraisal

Through the years, I've gathered six tips to help my clients make the most of each hour spent during their personal property appraisal. Whether you need an insurance appraisal of a select number of items, or an appraisal of many rooms full of objects for another purpose, read on to see how you can expedite the onsite appraisal process.

1. Decide which items you want to have evaluated.

In a room full, you may want just a few items appraised, or items that exceed a certain value or cost, like $250. Unsure which items might meet the dollar amount you choose? I can determine this during our appointment. I recommend tagging the items you're sure you want appraised with a post-it note or painters tape so we can move more efficiently from item to item.

2. Unpack items that are in drawers, trunks, boxes, or cabinets that you wish me to examine.

If possible, have each item that you would like to have appraised unpacked and on view. This ensures that you get the most out of our hourly rate and our time isn't spent unloading a china cabinet, accessing hard to reach items, or unpacking boxes. If this is not feasible, please let me know ahead of time and I'll be glad to bring an assistant or two.

Group of fine china