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How do you price items for an estate sale?

Are you thinking of holding an estate sale yourself, or curious how experienced professionals like us price items for estate liquidation? Unfortunately, there is no single guide for estate sale pricing, and the way that your items are priced is so important that it can make or break your estate sale. The first thing to remember when holding a normal estate sale, is you should not price items at the price you may find them for in a retail store, antique shop, or an asking price online. Instead, the prices that should be assigned to items during general estate liquidation, is the Liquidation Value. If an item is scarce, of good quality, highly collectible, or signed by a desirable artist or ma

Our Pledge To You

We're happy to announce that we've been accepted as Associate Members of the American Society of Estate Liquidators® (ASEL)! We are committed to upholding the highest standards of the Estate Sale industry, continuing to listen to our client's needs, and growing our professional reputation and credibility. We pledge to commit to the ASEL Code of Ethics as follows: The American Society of Estate Liquidators® Code of Ethics Each Associate of The American Society of Estate Liquidators® (ASEL®) agrees to observe and be dedicated to the following principles and policies: SECTION I: DUTIES TO CLIENTS & THE PUBLIC ​ (Article 1) HONEST and FAIR REPRESENTATION – To honestly and fairly represent his/he

Happy New Year, 2017

We hope all of you had a great holiday! With the New Year has come a change in our business name - we're excited to have changed from A. Mays Appraisal Services (est. 2012), to Nunneley Estates & Appraisals. This reflects the joint ownership of the company by Micah & Ashley Nunneley and better describes our focus on Estate Liquidation and Appraisals. Thank you for your support!

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